FoI reveals allowances and expences of Dublin County Councillors

Dublin City Council’s use of Councillor’s allowances and expenses on their everyday public duties have been revealed, following a recent FoI request.

Dublin City Council members can spend up to €700 per year on attendance at conferences, including the conference fee. Total meetings attendance allowance is a €7188.55. An 80 per cent attendance record at meetings is required for maximum payment of the travel and subsistence elements and 50 per cent attendance record is required to achieve maximum payment of the fixed element, which Dublin City Council has met.

Dublin City Council members are given above decent amounts of allowance and expenditures from the government relating back to taxpayer’s money. This includes Representational Payment that is paid through our Salaries Section and currently stands at €16,565 per year.

In accordance with Part 111 of the June 2014 Regulations, members can avail of a mobile phone allowance in respect to its costs based on 50 per cent of phone costs proven to be associated with their public duties, limited to a maximum refund of €22 plus VAT per month. They are also refunded up to €25 of their monthly broadband costs.

The Lord Mayor receives an annual allowance of €50,000 of which €10,000 is non-taxable while the Deputy Lord Mayor receives a non –taxable allowance of €5,000 per year.

At the monthly City Council meeting, approximately €500 per month is spent on salads and sandwiches provided for the members, while scones and pastries for Protocol meetings cost approximately €50 per month.

Featured image credit: Dublin City Council


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