Discussions to begin on building project along Oscar Traynor Road

Dublin’s North-West area council committee met on Tuesday, February 21st to discuss the Oscar Traynor Road Land Initiative Project. Councillors are behind the idea of the area’s land being developed but cannot decide how to proceed with it.
The plan will see the construction of a commercial area along the Oscar Traynor road. There are a few mishaps in the progression of the project, the main one being how the council will proceed with the project and how they plan to develop to it should construction begin. Councillor Andrew Keegan, claims that it was never going to be easy to come up with something the whole committee would agree on.
Should they agree then development on the project would commence right away. However, disagreeing would see the whole project go asunder. Certain committee members wish to have the area development progress as a commercial area, though some, namely Keegan, would rather the land be used to develop a new housing area.

north west
Map of Dublin North West area. Copyright Dublin City Council

Keegan, a member of the ‘People Before Profit Alliance’, sees this ideology as “putting commercial before community”. He thinks the community will view it poorly and that the council are looking to build anything for the sake of building something and aren’t considering the possibilities the land provides. Especially for them over someone who could potentially buy the land should their development not go ahead and it is put up for sale. Ultimately the council will be in direct competition with each other over what to do with the land or build on it. They quickly came to the agreement to have two representatives from each area, the parent’s committee, Gaelscoil and more members before introducing experts. They feel there would be an issue with different councillors coming in and it won’t build trust between those working on the construction.
There were eight community representatives and while the project is still in its infancy, the group are flexible and adaptable. Following a second vote, as the first had to be redone after an argument arose on the voting system confusing the committee, Keegan won by a single vote with nine votes in total. With the motion passed it was agreed to further the discussion in a future meeting.

Councillor Andrew Keegan Copyright PeopleBeforeProfitTV

Featured image credit: Dublin City Council


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